Plastic Industries Contractor

  • Tensile Testing Machine Mechanical & Electronic More>>

  • Flexural Strength Testing Machine.

  • Dart Impact Tester for Film.

  • Izod and Charpy Test Apparatus

  • Shore D hardness Tester.

  • Compression & Shear Testing Machine.

  • Deformation Test Apparatus under load.

  • Vicat Softening Point apparatus.

  • Flow Rate (Melt Flow Index) Apparatus.

  • Thermal Stability Test Apparatus  More>>

  • Tracking Index Apparatus.

  • Volume & Surface Resistivity Test Apparatus.

  • Dielectric Strength Tester

  • Two Roll Mill More>>

  • Environmental stress crock Resistance tester.

  • Bursting Strength Tester.

  • Abrasion Resistance Apparatus .

  • Hydraulic Press Lab. Model.

  • Adhesive / Peel Strength tester.

  • Carbon Black Content Apparatus. More>>

  • Fatigue Tester.

  • Co-efficient of Friction Tester.

  • Density Balance : Melt Point Apparatus.

  • Insulation Resistance Tester.

  • Falling Weight Impact Tester.

  • Hydrostatic pressure Testing Machine (Rigid, PVC Pipes).

  • Opacity Test (Rigid, PVC Pipes).

  • Reversion Test App. (Rigid, PVC Pipes).

  • Flammability Apparatus More>>

  • Bending Testing & resistance Test to Heat app.( PVC Conduit Pipes).

  • Rigidity Test App. (PVC Conduit Pipes).

  • Resistance to Crushing Test Apparatus (Rigid, PVC Pipes).

  • Zero Degree chamber.

  • AC/ DC HV Tester.

  • Rehometer


Electronic Tensile Tester

Thermal Stability Test

Two Roll Mill

Flammability Apparatus