Testing Machines for Polymer Industries

  • Tensile Testing Machine Capacity 250 & 500 Kgf. More>>

  • Thickness Gauge as per IS : 3400 More>>

  • Compression Set Apparatus Constant Street & Strain Type.

  • Specimen Cutting Press

  • Dumbell Cutter

  • Resilience Tester

  • Scott Flex Resistance Tester

  • De Mattia Flex Tester More>>

  • Ross Flex Tester

  • DIN Abrasion Tester

  • DU Pont Crydon Adrasion Tester

  • Shore A & D Hardness Tester

  • IRHD Hardness Tester More>>

  • Specific Gravity Balance  More>>

  • Ageing Oven

  • Muffle Furnance More>>

  • Tension set Apparatus

  • Split Tear Tester

  • Indentation Hardness Tester for Latex, Coir & PU FOAM

  • Flex Tester

  • Humidity Cabinet More>>

  • Universal Hot Air Oven

  • Compression Testing Machine Cap. 25 MT.

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Test Apparatus

  • Ply Adhesion Test Apparatus

  • High Voltage Test Apparatus

  • Calibration Dynamometer

  • Crushing Curve Apparatus

Thickness Gauge

De Mattia Flex Tester

Specific gravity of any elastomer is of considerable importance of its identification. Besides it can also be used for finding if the sample and the products are from the same compound or not.

Specific Gravity Balance

Humidity Cabinet